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Heroes of Newerth Open Beta Has Started!


Heroes of Newerth is a Real-time Strategy game made by S2 Games based on the Warcraft III scenario Defense of the Ancients otherwise known as (DotA). Heroes of Newerth is currently in a OPEN testing phase.

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Frictional Games, the developer of the well known Linux game Penumbra has released a moody teaser trailer with several minutes of gameplay from its latest survival horror game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is estimated to be released in August 2010, both online and as a boxed game for retail. Pre-order the online version for $16, saving 20% on the release price of $20. Pre-orders in the Frictional Games Store will give you access to Windows, Mac & Linux on release

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TrueCombat: Elite

TrueCombat:Elite (TCE) is a modern world total conversion of the free, popular, stand-alone third-person shooter, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. That is, TCE is an entirely free game, made by gamers, for gamers. Read more »

List of games you can find in your Ubuntu Software Center.

Here is a list of some games you can find in your Ubuntu Software Center (Ubuntu 9.10 "Jaunty Jackalope")

To install one of these games open your Ubuntu Software Center (Applications->Ubuntu Software Center), type the name of the game in the search field and double click on the result. Click the install button and close the Ubuntu Software Center. All the installed games can be found in your Games list (Applications->Games) . Read more »

DeSmuME, a Nintendo DS emulator (Ubuntu Jaunty)

DeSmuME is a Nintendo DS emulator running homebrew demos and commercial games. Read more »

How to install Chromium B.S.U. (Ubuntu Jaunty)

Chromium is a top down fast paced high action scrolling space shooter. Read more »

List of Synaptic Package Manager games (Ubuntu Jaunty)

Here is a list of all the games to be found in your Synaptic Pakage Manger (System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager). If you find a game you like just search for the game, mark for installation and apply to install it. After installation the game can be found at Applications->Games. Read more »

Media Server for PS3

The media service for your playstation makes it possible to browse your files on your computer. Great for video and music! Turn on the service mediaserver located in the network config corner. Now install ushare for sharing the files on your computer. Read more »


PlaneShift is a Role Playing Game immersed into a 3D virtual fantasy world which is FULLY FREE to play. Fully free means you will have no surprises of premium content which will limit your gameplay or unbalance the game. There are no limitations in skills, ranks, abilities, items you can gain with your free account. There are no time limits or additional constraints. Read more »

SAVAGE: The Battle for Newerth

Savage: The battle for newerth.... Read more »