Use Wallpapoz to change your desktop wallpaper and login screen with installed Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala"

Wallpapoz is an application that changes your desktop wallpaper automaticly. If you have the installed to use your desktop wallpaper as login screen then wallpapoz will not only change your desktop wallpaper but it also changes your login screen.

It's very simple to get it up and running, download and install wallpapoz 0.4.1. When installed start wallpapoz (Applications->Accessories->Wallpapoz) and add the files or directory you want to use as desktop wallpapers. Then select the Preferences tab and make some changes to the pick order, the time and if you want you can set the desktop wallpaper to change when changing workspaces. Now save and restart wallpapoz and add wallpapoz to the Startup Applications list (System->Preferences->Startup Applications). Click the Add button and fill in a name, at the Command field type wallpapoz and add a comment if you want to. When finished click the Add button and close the Startup Applications list and that's all there is. Your desktop walppapers will change automaticly and the last desktop wallpaper shown before you shutdown the computer will become your login screen at the next startup :)

Read more about wallpapoz HERE

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