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List of services you can shutdown for better system performance

One of the easiest and fastest "tweaks" is the turning off of unneeded services. But, which ones are safe to turn off? Which ones should be left on? Read more »

Minor performance tweaks for Ubuntu Intrepid (8.10)

First of all. This tutorial is about editing system files. DO remember that if you edit files wrong you'll very easily get yourself a nice non-bootable system that takes some knowledge of linux to restore back to functional. Be careful... Read more »

System-wide tweaks part 2

Here are some more tips for a faster/better system performance. Read more »

Command line tips

The command-line

Try it, it's really not that bad
The command-line really is your friend. After opening Terminal from the Applications>Accessories menu (or Konsole in KDE), you can accomplish many common tasks much more effectively than from any desktop GUI. To copy folder, for example, type 'cp -rf source destination', rename a file with 'mv' and edit a text file using a command called 'nano'. Read more »

System-wide tweaks part 1

System-wide tweaks,

Here are some tips for a faster/better system performance. Read more »

18 Tips for better system performance

How to get the most out of your Linux distro,

If you've never tried Ubuntu, there's never been a better time to dive in. If you're already a convert, read on to discover how to get the best from your installation. Read more »